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Hi, I am Rob Hofman. My life is all about discovering, growing and experience. I am on a quest as many of us are, finding the meaning of in this case my life. I don't do opinions. I just try to understand.
Wondering about the beauty in people around me and what thrives them. Wandering through the beauty what is given to us by mother nature.
Live every day as if it is your first.
Robert David Hofman

This is my live in a nutshell.


I listen to Rob Robbie Robby and Roberto Hofman. Although my given name is Robert I probably won’t react when someone is calling me. Having two children David and Andrea.


I am born in Zwijndrecht and lived in Zevenbergen, Breda, IJsselstein, Alphen aan den Rijn and Almere – Haven.


The schools I visited are Sint Jozefschool, de Toren, Sint Catharina MAVO, Titus Brandsma college HAVO Dordrecht.


As of the aged 11 I practiced several sports. Handbal, Power kiting, windsurfing, sailing, tennis, athletics, gymnastics and karate.
For more than 25 years I was active as handbal trainer and teamcoach at Groene ster, Shot 73, Venus Nieuwegein, Voice Nijkerk, Handbalschool Houten and HVBS Bunschoten Spakenburg.


Unknown said…
Proverbs 23:24)a Father of a child whom does what is right,gives him happiness. A wise son brings a Father great joy.

Rob , the little we have spoken and the more we will, I enjoy every moment as it feels comfortable and benificial , like a blessing coming from Jesus.

I'm thankful for people like you whom set a good example for people , you've raised a bar of dignity that takes a real(willing and upright) man to accomplish.

Thank you for your Friendship,love and kindness
God bless
From : Andre Erasmus a beloved fellow Christian Brother.